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Each agency has its own strategic positioning and identity, which makes each one of them very unique. In common, an organizational culture that values talent, sense of urgency, results, management, and owner’s attitude, values that guide and characterize Grupo ABC. With this composition, Grupo ABC delivers to its customers an equation that links the regional integration with a deep knowledge of Brazil to a global vision of business: Pereira&O’Dell, located in San Francisco, was an essential player for the group’s internationalization process, and Africa Global, located in New York. In Brazil, Grupo ABC is present is all its regions, with agencies in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Recife, João Pessoa, besides operational partnerships in Alagoas, Natal, Fortaleza, Manaus, and Goiânia.


Considered a kind of “relais château” in advertising, Africa has positioned itself ever since its foundation not only as an advertising agency, but also as a marketing and branding company whose mission is to serve a few clients through a team of world-class professionals. The selectiveness of customers ensures the personal involvement of the partners in each and every account. Its customers include AAmbev, Embraer, Folha de S.Paulo, Grendene, Itaú, Mitsubishi, P&G, Suzuki,Vivo, Walmart, UOL, Lupo, Bimbo e Wizard.


Key People: 

Marcio Santoro

Olivia Machado

Luis Fernando Vieira

Sergio Gordilho

Celina Esteves Veja o video do presidente

    Africa São Paulo
    Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2277, 22o andar – São Paulo/SP – CEP 01452-000

    T + 55 11 3094-9999

    F + 55 11 3094-9998 /


    Africa New York
    510, Madison Ave. – 8th floor – New York – NY 10022

    T + 1 347 505 7699


    Africa Rio
    Rua João Lira, 144 – Leblon

    T + 55 21 2529-7100


CDN is a full-service Communications agency with clearly-defined objectives: to offer excellence and results to clients, to innovate and grow in a sustainable way.

With several areas of expertise integrated into a single agency, CDN is fully focused on building and strengthening image and reputation –intangible assets of enormous value for clients who operate in an increasingly competitive world.

Strategic outlook, knowledge of the client´s stakeholders, a broad-based portfolio of products and services, a talented team and professional network are some of the factors which combine and interact to qualify the agency’s work in Brazil and abroad.

Founded in 1987, the agency is a part of the ABC Group, the leading  Marketing services group in Brazil and 18th in the world, according to the ranking of Advertising Age magazine.

CDN has accumulated expertise and experience attending national and international clients, from both the public and private sectors and operating across a wide range of segments.

In Brazil, its head offices are in São Paulo and it has offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte. At the vanguard of the internationalization process, CDN International, with headquarters in Washington, D.C., is the first international subsidiary of a Brazilian communications and public relations agency.

CDN offers services in Strategic Consulting, Crisis Management, Media Relations, Public Sector, Institutional Relations, Analysis of Exposure to the Media, Research, Digital Communications, Training Sessions, Investor 


CDN has accumulated expertise and experience attending national and international clients, from both the public and private sectors and operating across a wide range of segments.

In Brazil, its head offices are in São Paulo and it has offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte. At the vanguard of the internationalization process, CDN International, with headquarters in Washington, D.C., is the first international subsidiary of a Brazilian communications and public relations agency.

CDN offers services in Strategic Consulting, Crisis Management, Media Relations, Public Sector, Institutional Relations, Analysis of Exposure to the Media, Research, Digital Communications, Training Sessions, Investor Relations, Internal Communications, Publications, Events and Video films. 

Acknowledgement of the quality of the agency’s work has been won in the form of national and international awards, such as the Golden Awards for Excellence in PR, presented by the IPRA- International Public Relations Association, and the Stevie International Business Award, as well as prizes from ABERJE, ABANET, CONRERP (National Public Opinion Prize), Masters of Journalism and iBest among others.


Key People

João Rodarte

Andrew Greenlees

Yara Peres

Claudio Pereira

Luiz Antônio Flecha de Lima

Jô Ristow

Inácio Muzzi

Fernando Pesciotta

Renato Ganhito Veja o video do presidente

    São Paulo
    Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2.601 - 9º andar, Jd. Paulistano – São Paulo – SP
    CEP 01451-001

    F +55 11 3643-2700


    Rio de Janeiro
    Travessa do Ouvidor, 5 – conj. 401 – 4º andar, Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
    CEP 20040-040

    F +55 21 3626-3700


    SCN, Quadra 1 – Bloco C – Salas 1810 e 1814
    18º andar – Asa Norte – Brasília – DF
    CEP 70711-902

    F +55 61 3704-7660


    CDN Relações Institucionais
    SAUS Quadra 1 – Bloco M – Salas 801/804
    Ed. Libertas 70070-935 – Brasília – DF
    CEP 70070935

    F +55 61 3322-6622


    Belo Horizonte
    Rua Fernandes Tourinho, 929 – Sala 1002 – 10º andar
    Bairro Lourdes – Belo Horizonte – MG
    CEP 30112-000

    F +55 31 2534-4141


    CDN – International Inc.
    1717 K Street, NW – Suite 900
    Washington, DC – 20006

    F + 1 202-787-5878


One of the largest and most awarded agencies in Brazil, DM9 combines creative excellence, strategic thinking, and commitment with results for the client through integrated communication solutions. Pioneer in convergent thinking, the agency uses connected reality as a tool, where the digital appeal is completely integrated to communication and to the brand construction process.

Founded in 1989, DM9 is part of two relevant communication groups in the world: Grupo ABC, listed as 18th largest communication group according to Advertising Age, and DDB Worldwide, which has more than 200 offices in 90 countries. These two partnerships allow the agency to access specific market data, gaining a global understanding of the markets.

In Brazil, is headquartered in Sao Paulo, has an office in Brasilia and in 2011 began an ambitious expansion plan and launched two independent agencies: The DM9Sul, in Porto Alegre, and DM9Rio in the capital Fluminense. With 23 years of activity, DM9 has in its portfolio 4 Agency of the Year titles, 2 Grand Prix, and more than 100 lions in the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The agency won 13 Caboré Awards (6 of them as Agency of the Year), 18 Awards Abril de Publicidade, 14 Professional of the Year Awards of Rede Globo, and it was the only communication company to be featured in the guide “Best Companies to Start Career” by Você S/A Magazine for two consecutive years.

Their work allows to combine critical and commercial successes in campaigns for clients such as Brastemp, C & A, Consul, Guarana Antarctica, Intel, Itaú, Mercedes-Benz, Sadia, Earth, Tok & Stok, Vivo. The DM9 is also an agency sustainable, have sustainability report with application level B of the GRI.  Access to read the document:



Key People:

Paulo Queiroz

Alcir Gomes Leite

Marcelos Passos

Marco Versolato

Adrian Ferguson Veja o video do presidente


Interbrand was founded in 1974 when the word “brand” was still a synonym for logo. Over time this concept was broadened and the importance and value of a brand came to be considered vital to the image of a company. During 38 years of work in brand consultancy, Interbrand has changed this vision by creating and managing brands as a business asset.

Present in all continents, with approximately 40 offices around the world, Interbrand believes that brands have the power to change the world, and uses imagination, intelligence and inspiration to create ways to make it happen.
In Brazil since 2001, Interbrand works in three main areas: strategy, identity and evaluation. Each one represents a major share of the construction a company’s image.

Among the greatest cases of Interbrand are Carrefour, Fnac, Samsung, Walmart, P&G, BMW and others. In Brazil brands like Itau, Odebrecht, Votorantim, Usiminas, Alpargatas, Petrobras, BRF and Bunge stand out.


Key People:

Daniella Bianchi

Beto Almeida Veja o video do presidente


    Rua Olimpíadas, 242 - 6º andar
    São Paulo, SP – 04551-000


    T  + 55 11 3707-8513

    F  + 55 11 3707-8501


Created in July 1995, LDC is today one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in the country. Formed by a group of passionate people who combine experience, talent and energy to help clients establish relationships with their consumers, Loducca is an agency for those who seek a new, fresh, deep and dynamic approach for their businesses and brands. Headed by Guga Ketzer, the agency has also as the vice-presidents Daniel Chalfon, Ken Fujioka, Marcio Callage and Ronaldo Severino, besides Grupo ABC, one of the largest marketing communications group in the world. Among its clients are mbev, Baruel, Bayer HealthCare, Candide, FOX Channels, FOX Film, GVT, Leroy Merlin, L’Occitane en Provence, L’Occitane au Brésil, Nextel, NJR, OR (Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias), PepsiCo, Red Bull, Santander, Unidas Rent a Car e Yamaha.


Key People:

Guga Ketzer

Daniel Chalfon

Ken Fujioka

Márcio Callage

Ronaldo Severino

Adriana Favaro

Fabio Saboya

Cassio Moron

Sergio Mugnaini

Raphael Franzini Veja o video do presidente


    Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio 4980 – São Paulo – SP  
    CEP: 01402-002


    T + 55 11 3027-9999



Morya Brasil is the oldest brazilian advertising agency of national capital, founded on July 10th, 1956. The company had a revenue growth of 75% in the last five years. Now, with 150 collaborators and more than 50 clients, Morya is present in 9 brazilian estates – in all brazilian regions – which makes her a nationally present agency with regional knowledge. Morya has offices in Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Salvador, Recife and operates Alagoas, Natal, Fortaleza, Manaus, and Goiânia, through operational partnerships.

A highlight in the work done by the agency is Panorama Morya, a complete study of the markets where the agency operates. An exclusive market inteligence tool, using a rich data bank with social and economic indicators, cultural maps, sectorial panoramas that go deep in segment knowledge, and media opportunities.

Panorama counts with 7.000 information screens permanently updated. “This information, submitted to constant updating by our professionals, is transformed in consistent strategies, creative campaigns, and a communication that walks closer to the consumer”, explains Claudio Carvalho, president at Morya Brasil.


Key People:

Claudio Carvalho

Gustavo Queiroz Veja o video do presidente


    Av. Tancredo Neves, 1.283,  5º. andar – Caminho das Arvores - Salvador/BA

    CEP 41.820-021


    T + 55 71 2105-7442



    Av. Antonio de Góes, 60 - sala 703 A - 7ºandar -  Recife /PE

    CEP 510.10-000


    T + 55 81 2102-4664


    Porto Alegre

    Rua Mariante, 25 – 5º andar – Moinhos de Vento – Porto Alegre/RS

    CEP 90.430-181


    T + 55 51 2117-8400


MUSICA Comunicação e Marketing was raised as a unique and innovative model on communication market, operating from the state of Santa Catarina. Its main commitment is to develop brands and businesses with a systemic view of marketing by connecting successful expertises. The DNA of MUSICA is formed by history, cases, differentials and complementarities of the partners that work integrated on three strategic pillars. The 58 years of experience on Advertising of Morya Agency; the 10 years of experience on Live Marketing of TUDO agency, and the Innovation and Business pillar introduced by Paulo Centeno, an experienced media executive with MBA in Innovation at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The head office of MUSICA is on Joinville and there's also a core of Innovation and Business in Florianopolis, on Sapiens Parque, one of the largest technology parks in Brazil. The main challenge of MUSICA is to break through the status quo and find ways and solutions to its business partners. “Music and communication have the ability to inspire, induce, seduce and transform. Both of them conquered audiences and crowds. They are multi-platform, universal languages and boundless", explains Centeno contextualizing MUSICA.


Key People: 
Paulo Centeno
Maurício Magalhães
Fabio Bernardi
Lara Piccoli

    Agência MUSICA Joinville/SC
    Rua Orestes Guimarães, 876 - Sala 401, Bairro América - CEP 89204-060
    F + 55 (47) 4009-4090


    Agência MUSICA Florianópolis/SC
    Av. Luiz Boiteux Piazza, 1302 - Casarão - Canasvieiras
    CEP 88056-000

New Style

Newstyle is the agency representing the group that operates in the areas of promotion, activation, trade marketing and events. An agency in motion, a company that sets the trends without forgetting their values.

With over 15 years of experience, the agency brought strategy and intelligence for the promotional market with business units that complement each other: one specializing in creativity and strategy, another dedicated to operating, the NewTrade.

The NewStyle now has 200 professionals specializing to plan, create, produce, operate and control, quickly, actions that reached positive results for the brands and products.

Brands that are highlighted within their segments customers are the NewStyle accounts: AmBev, Baruel, Bausch + Lomb, BRF, Ideal Invest, Magazine Luiza, Multiplus, P & G, Redecard, DE Master Blenders, Sawary, Telhanorte and Tetra Pak.


Key People:

Claudio Xavier

Alice Coutinho Veja o video do presidente


    Rua Texas, 686 – São Paulo/SP
    CEP 04557-000

    T + 55 11 5185-5252

Rocker Heads

Rocker is a strategic partner for relationship building between brands and consumers. It combines direct, digital and social to develop direct communication that surprises, inspires and achieves results.


Key People:

Sergio Baldassari Veja o video do presidente

    Rocker Heads

    Rua Brejo Alegre, 581 – Brooklin – São Paulo/SP

    T + 55 11 5103-5899


Salve is inevitably and genuinely digital as any agency born in the 21st century should be. We are a group of people ready to work with what's new, with new strategies and ideas synchronized with advertising's new and enlarged frontiers.  Seven years old, Salve works with important brands such as  Natura, Kimberly-Clark, Banco Pan, Blowtex, MSD, Pfizer, Caloi, Etapa and SanDisk.

Key People:
Carlos Pitchu
Luís Renato Lui
James Scavone 
Ricardo Schreiner


Founded in July 1996, Sunset is distinguished for its philosophy, which follows two basic rules: focus in the client and creative excellence. It is a communication agency with expertise and vocation to develop, implement and manage all phases of the directed communication process, or any one of these communication process separately. Sunset is more than just a direct marketing agency; it is a company specialized in building relationships between consumers, clients and its brands. The agency has three other business units: Creative Sunset: creates direct marketing services, relationship and incentive programs; Interactive Sunset: as stated in its name the agency main focus is information system, data base, CRM, websites development, e-mail marketing, banners and multimedia; Sunset Machine: responsible for organizing all the direct marketing actions, managing all fulfillment, actions personalization and logistic.


Key People:

Guto Cappio

Jozé Luiz

Alessandra Lanzelotti

Pipo Calazans

Luis Guilherme Veja o video do presidente

    São Paulo
    Rua Texas, 676 – São Paulo/SP
    T +55 11 3371 0377



Tudo was founded in 2005 and since then has been reaching a high growth level, stimulated by an events and content market that conquests each day more and more space. The message personalization, one of Tudo’s differentials, meets up with the consumers’ desires, more informed and demanding nowadays. The agency integrates the communication, to guarantee that the creation of an event with the use of content is not only a complement to the communication strategy to become part of it. As stated in its name, “Tudo”, is always focused in the entertainment, works with a variety of communication channels to make things happen. From planning through creation and production the agency creates events for corporate events, conventions, internal communication, launchings, promotional adversting actions, special sponsorship special projects, concerts and relationship marketing. An already established and close relationship between the agency and media channels, other agencies, suppliers and clients guarantees innovative communication strategies.


Key People:

Mauricio Magalhães

Sissi Valente

Cléber Paradela

Iron Neto Veja o video do presidente

    Agência Tudo
    R. Canadá, 301 – São Paulo/SP – CEP 01436-000

    T + 55 11 3811 1999


    F + 55 11 3811 1924